The members make Berry Hills Country Club special.

Great golf, fine dining and excellent facilities only enhance the experience!

Even after six decades in existence, some consider Berry Hills Country Club, located approximately eight miles southwest of Charleston, West Virginia on Berry Hills Drive off Davis Creek Road, one of the best-kept secrets in West Virginia. But for those who have discovered her elegance and charm, there's no better place to store a bag of clubs and call home!

From the moment you begin the one-mile ascent up the entrance drive, everything about Berry Hills says you're somewhere special.

From our location resting on a mountain-top plateau, to our exquisitely-manicured golf course, to the newly-renovated clubhouse and other facilities, everything you experience tells you you'd like to be a permanent part of it all.

Yet it's still the members of Berry Hills who define its character, charm and elegance. No stuffiness here, Berry Hills is made up of down-to-earth folks who've made their own way and relish their time spent here. 

In 2010, the Celebration Garden was built on the lawn, creating an ideal outdoor location for weddings, graduation parties and countless other celebrations.

Our clubhouse, with the benefit of a $1 million-plus renovation a few years ago — is the hub of all
activity here.

Members actually enjoy each other's company, be it fine dining in the dining room or a casual get-together continued...

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